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Photo Gallery

Once logged in, under Contact Us. You should see
 ‘Photo Manager’ link

 under Photo Gallery.  The Titles of each gallery is listed i.e., Vineyard, next to it is ‘Manage Images', click into that. You can drag files from your computer, or add files. Then click 'start upload' Go to the gallery to see the new photos. You can now go to the picture and add a Title.  

To Delete photos: 
go back to the ‘Photo Manager’ and click on the 'manage images' find the photo and click 'unpublished' , this keeps it in the library, but takes it off of the website view, or Delete to take the image off permanently.

To add an New Category;
 Click 'New Category' and add a title, make sure to click 'publish'. You can ‘Archive’ at any time.

Good info at:
Part 9: Frontend Gallery Creation